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Lifting Sports machines is easy and incredibly safe using our “Standard Foot-peg mount set, It will give you the freedom to carry out work on the bike that is simply not possible  using conventional motorcycle table lifts and what’s more, using the Big Blue does not rob you of valuable garage floor space as it can be stored out of the way when not in use!

The lift is supplied with assembly and fitting instructions, they are also available to view from our Instructions Download page. Setting up to lift is easy as the dedicated mounts secure the bike to the lift, obviously lifting giants like this can be intimidating to some but you will soon find out that there really is nothing to it?

All you need for lifting is a high torque 2 speed power drill with the Drive Adaptor Supplied, a 22mm socket and your bike will be “Safely” airborne, completely Wheel Free in seconds ready for any type of work needed?

The Big Blue Lift can also be Raised and LOCKED for the Ultimate protection of your bike, what’s more you can store it up on the garage wall when not in use “Something you cannot do with a Hydraulic/pneumatic Workbench”??

Big Blue is load tested in excess of 2000kg (2 metric tons) “Without Failure” so you know, It will Never Let You Down! NO Hydraulics to Fail!!

Big Blue has proved itself with an unblemished record for reliability, safety and value for money through all continents so rest assured, it really will  “Last You For Life”

Remove your Wheels to fit new tyres, change suspension take out the Forks/Steering or just Clean the Bike, You CAN with Big Blue, The Ultimate Universal Motorcycle Lift!

Big Blue – British Made & Guaranteed for LIFE!

If you have any questions, please contact us for advice.

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Lift Ducati DiavelLift Ducati Diavel

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Weight 36.4 kg
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Diavel Mount Set, Heavy Duty F-Peg Mount Set, Panigale Mount Set, Standard F-Peg Mount Set

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