Bike Lift for Retros, Classic & Trial Bikes


New 2024 design Eazyrizer Original Red now comes with a fully enclosed screw shaft!

It Is The most reliable Motorcycle lift for Road, off-road  Retro and Classic Bikes… Complete Safety!!

Original Red now gives you Total Freedom to do the things on your bike that other lifts Simply Cannot!

Quit grovelling around on the garage floor its time to get your Eazyrizer lift, Remove the Wheels, Front Forks, Rear Swing Arm  or Suspension gear, With Ease and In complete Comfort!

No matter what bike you ride, the latest and fastest race bike or classic, we have the setup for you!

The Original Red Eazyrizer Lift has been tested to 2000kg (2 ton) and uses a Failsafe, High Tensile Screw-shaft for raising and lowering the motorcycle so you can rest assured it will Never Let You Down, It Stays Up until you release it.

Operate by Cordless or Power drill or simply raise & lower by hand.

The most popular mounts used for Retro/Trials and Classic bikes that have a Duplex or similar (twin rail) Frame will be the Standard Beam mount set (fixed height) that offer a Flat and Level lifting platform.

In cases where unusual design machines need lifting a good idea is to employ a 20 to 25mm thick plywood board on top of the Beam mounts and construct a wooden platform screwing wooden blocks in place to suit your exact requirements! Heath Robinson, Yes, But works Great!

Then there is the Adjustable Beam mount set for height adjustment if required plus a “Gap Beam” version of the same that will permit any central spine or crankcase joint that protrudes down and interfering with the lifting surface. (example, Honda Goldwing-Victory engines)

To compliment all Beam Mounts we offer the Frame mount set, used to bridge the gap between the frame and engine where it hangs down below the rails.

All Beam mount sets come with a pair of high tensile “J” Bolts that when used diagonally opposite, go over the frame rails and lock the bike Firmly down to the lift for maximum security!

Stability of Eazyrizer Red lift is simply “Astonishing” and Simply CANNOT be pushed over accidentally!


For all other “Frameless” bikes use the Heavy Duty Foot-peg mount set, they take pegs up to 60mm wide and have provisions to “Lock” the bike firmly to the lift using the pegs themselves.

It is worth noting that employing the Foot-peg mount system will require some assistance to hold the bike vertical when setting up and for this we recommend using our fantastic BikeGrab wheel chock stand.

Please note that the Footpeg’s are NOT used to lift the bike, All weight is taken by the frame itself under the “Pivot/hinge pin” of the footpeg itself and the third point of contact will be the front mount located under the engine crankcase or frame.

In addition, these types of bikes can often use the Wheel Mount set for lifting on a Mix and Match basis with other mounts or even dedicated by both the wheels but in this case you will need the Sidestand Capture housing in addition to the Wheel Mounts as the side stand is used to hold the bike in a vertical position.

We are always happy for you to mix and match any mount that we do in order to suit your specific requirement??

Unlike Motorcycle workbench/hydraulic table lifts there are no nasty hydraulics to fail so you and your bike are safe and secure with the knowledge that Eazyrizer will never let you down!

Hang your Eazyrizer up on the workshop wall out of the way when not in use!!

Try doing that with a workbench?

Concerned about theft?? Don’t Be…

Lift your bike up on Eazyrizer and LOCK IT UP……… The Ultimate deterrent!!

100% UK made and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!!

Need help deciding?  contact us for advice.

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