Big Blue Lift

Harley Davidson Motorcycle service Lift, Big Blue for all Giant Cruisers, Sports machines even mopeds. Work in total Safety and Comfort while maintaining, cleaning or Servicing your bike! Supplied to Harley Davidson Motorcycles Europe.

EazyRizer Red

The Strong, Safe & Cost effective solution for working on modern Sports bikes Race machines even Ancient Classics. Eazyrizer Red is the perfect partner for all types of Major repairs Tyre changes or even cleaning and detailing
All in total comfort SAFETY!

Bike Grab

Front/Rear Wheel Chock. Parking & Security stand for All machines, Harley's to Sports bikes. BikeGrab will take tyres up to 195mm wide holding your bike upright with a Vice like Grip. Supplied to Yamaha UK & Trailer manufacturers worldwide .

Strong Arm

The Strong, Fast Cruiser jack.. Its a Safe and Fast, Snap action lift jack for ALL Harley Davidson's, even Baggers! Plus other Giant Cruisers with a twin rail frame. Fully adjustable to suit standard or lowered machines.
Easy, Safe Front or Rear Wheel Removal!

Quasar Products ltd

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Motorcycle Lifts & Stands. Precision Engineered for your safety !

If you are looking to work on your motorcycle then our Big Blue Professional Motorcycle Lift needs some serious consideration, Its relatively light at 36kg and designed with positioning wheels to be easily moved around the workshop, Big Blue is Incredibly Safe, Strong and Totally Reliable, It will lift your bike Wheels Free with ease, thats something a workbench simply cannot do even weighing 200kg more. The motorcycle is always locked down to the lift for ultimate security, You can even Padlock the lift when raised...

It gets better still, You get a "Lifetime Guarantee" with it!

One Lift any Bike! from Giant Harley Davidson's to the smallest moped plus Machines like the Triumph Rocket 3 - Honda Goldwing 1800 - BMW K1600 - Canam Spyder RT @ 500kg. Whatever bike you ride or need to work on, You Can be Sure that Big Blue Will Lift It!

EazyRizer Red and Big Blue lifts have been Stress Tested by Lloyds Konecranes to excess of 2,000kg 2 tons and hold CE Certification (Communite Europeen) Safety and Quality!!  Both our lifts will effortlessly raise your bike to a comfortable working (Waist) height of around 75cm (2ft 6in) it also gives you a full 360deg of access to the bike Including the underside!  Something a Hydraulic Table lift can never do??

EazyRizers employ a unique range of mounts - fittings to lift any motorbike old or new, these mounts are interchangeable in just seconds with some of them being common to both the Red and the Blue Lift.

The Beam mount set and Foot-peg mount sets are by far the most popular, Beam mounts are predominantly used on Harley Davidson motorcycles and other machines with a Duplex (twin rail) frame. They provide you with a Flat & Level lifting platform that can be adjusted in seconds to any position that suits your machine Plus they protect your bikes paintwork with High Density Nitrile bonded Rubber pads and In addition to this they come equipped with Security "J" bolts that Lock the bike firmly down to the lift, again Protecting the bikes paintwork!

For most other bikes our Standard Foot-peg mount set is used taking pegs up to 36mm wide (thickness) and for wider Pegs up to 60mm you will require our Heavy Duty version!  Note : The Foot-pegs are NOT used to Lift the bike! The load is taken directly under the Pivot point (Hinge) of the footpeg where it connects to the frame, therefore no pressure is applied to the peg itself. Two U bolts are provided to go over the footpegs that secure your bike firmly down to the lift.

The Strength and Stability of the lifts really need to be seen to be believed so please take the time to view some of our 50 amazing Youtube Video's by simply clicking on the "Video" link above.

The Product drop down menus at the lift pages will give you further information on Lift & Mount compatibility as some "Dedicated Mounts" can only be used with Big Blue Professional lift, this is evident at point of ordering as the mount options will be shown. In some cases such as Scooters it may be necessary to employ our mounts on a mix and match basis, you can view more of this in our mounts gallery also via our downloadable PDF Instructions.

All images we provide are of high resolution for you to click on and enlarge them enabling you to make a clear informed decision on what mounts will suit your application?

All our products are British Made and with 19 years of production here at our Tamworth factory we now have over 40,000 "Forty Thousand" Lifts and Stands in use Globally provided via our network of International Distributors and have built up an enviable reputation for supplying Only The Very Best Quality! We continually strive to give you total satisfaction with Value for Money and for this reason we give you a Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee with all our goods.  

Harley Davidsons, Trikes, Sports bikes or Classics, EazyRizer Motorbike Lifts are the only Alternative to the Bulky and Heavy Motorcycle Hydraulic Workbench/Table Lift!

Frequently Asked Questions

Eazyrizers are precision engineered for maximum safety, They incorporate a “Failsafe” device in the form of a High Tensile Trapezoidal Screw-shaft taking the payload, (rated 3000kg) the shaft is rotated clockwise to raise and anti-clockwise lower the lifting arm along the length of the vertical pillar. Operation is fast and simple by using a power drill
Eazyrizer Lifts have undergone rigorous load testing in excess of 2000kg by Lloyds Konecranes along with full CE certification.
Eazyrizer Lifts are Guaranteed for Life!

Worldwide Testimonials

The new mounts work perfectly. Thanks for your outstanding customer service (hard to find these days). I will recommend you to anyone interested. I’m very happy with the lift and I will use it often. Thanks again.Shaun Hebert – Massachusetts

Just want to say thank you for the lift! Alan had it put together in about 10 minutes and had the back tire off my bike in about 15! This thing is awesome! I can even use it! Thanks!
Misty MangesA & M Motorcycle Safety Course